About Besight

Besight is the first community that puts human in the heart of the creation of clothes and accessories.

No more Business to Client, fashion needs Human to Human.


Each clothes or accessory produce by Besight is the fruit of a cocreation process involving our community of designers, consumers and manufacturers. In concrete terms, a Besight product is drawn by an artist and chosen by the public via a vote and/or a preorder. The artist earns royalties on all the sales and benefits of a boost of fame.

All of our textiles are organic, our materials are recyclables and each product is ecodesigned to integrate at the earliest in the choice of our process an environmental dimension. Finally, we assure that the people who make our garments and accessories are well considered and payed by choosing factories that prove with labels (Fair Wear Foundation, SA8000, …) that they respect our criterias.

To know more about:

Local and quality products

We work with certified warehouses to elaborate our entire line of products. Our will is to guarantee that the products we make are done by qualified personnel, well payed and well considered.

An engaged community of consumers

All of our textiles are organic, our materials are recyclables and each product is ecodesigned to integrate at the earliest in the choice of our process an environmental dimension.

A real partnership with designers

We are in a permanent contact with our community of designers to permits them to realize their projects. Besight take seriously and personally the recognization and earnings of its creators.

To take care of the production of our accessories and clothes, we want to collaborate with trustworthy partners  in termes of respect of the environment and of the society. All of our partners are french manufactures.

How do we choose our suppliers ?

The choice of engaged suppliers

We take contact with certified companies, or at least companies with some minimum engagements in terms of environment as well as respect of good working conditions.

We visit the factories

We go to visit the factories and we discuss the process used, the working methods and the overall organisation.

Elaboration of a partnership

If we share common interests we can start to work together. We realize a checkup after a few months of running to check if everythnig match up our standards.

In a quest for no packaging at all, we pack our products directly in the shipping package. For the products that needs a case of a box, we work with french Ateliers that possess an old-time savoir-faire.

A strong code of ethics to the respect the designers’ copyright

At besight, we are very sensitive to copyright and the protection of intellectual property in general. We have been very active in this area since we started our business.

We protect their rights

All of our contracts have been written by lawyers specialized in intellectual property, so young designers can be accommodated as much as possible. The general terms of use have been designed to protect as much as possible the models present on the site. From a more practical point of view, the young creatives who participate in our competitions still hold their rights.

We grant them better payement than the publishing market

In the world of publishing, the average remuneration is 3% on the cost of production! On our side, we give 5% on the sale price, to properly reward the work of designers.

To know more about intellectual property, please read our guide.

Why this innovative model? The Besight Union

Who does it ever happen to go shopping with a very precise idea of ​​his need?

We all know what we want to wear, yet it is very often difficult to find it in stores

Why ? Trademarks never consult the public to ask for their opinion. The result is ephemeral collections that are quickly thrown away and clothes of a quality not always matching the standards.

We wanted to produce only the clothes and accessories that are the reflection of a wish, a desire. Return to a more reasonable consumption, a slow consumption.

The credo:

  • Clothing that truly appeals to the public thanks to the cocreation
  • No unsold products because we produce just what the public asks
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing using organic and recyclable materials and thanks to the selection of workshops in which respect for the human being is at the heart of concerns

Besight was born. The first startup that puts humans back at the heart of creation.